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What Is Considered a Dental Emergency?

Most people don’t think of dental problems as emergencies. However, there are some very plausible cases when you should treat a dental problem as an emergency and seek immediate help. How do you know when you’re in the middle of a dental emergency, and what should you do to keep everything under control?

Typical Cases of Dental Emergencies

The following situations are considered dental emergencies because of the associated time constraints as well as significant discomfort that they bring to patients:

1. Knocked-Out Tooth

A tooth that was accidentally knocked out of the socket can still be restored with proper care and professional treatment. Soak the tooth in milk and bring it to the nearest dental emergency clinic within an hour. The dentist will most likely be able to restore it into the socket.

2. Extreme Tooth Pain

Most people can tolerate tooth pain. But when your tooth pain affects your daily activities and disables you from enjoying life in general, you should treat it as an emergency. You will need to undergo procedures like root canal treatment or tooth extraction to relieve the pain in most cases.

3. Broken Tooth

Accidents can cause your teeth to break or chip off. When this happens, part of your tooth pulp may become exposed. This causes sensitivity and pain to the affected tooth. Depending on the severity of the damage, the tooth needs to be restored with a crown or filling.

4. Broken Prosthetics or Orthodontics

Dental fillings, crowns, and bridges can get damaged or break unexpectedly. When this happens, the tooth becomes exposed, and the areas once covered with prosthetics become vulnerable to infections. If you experience this, don’t delay the treatment. The prosthetics need to be recreated and restored as soon as possible to prevent damage to your tooth.

5. Gum Bleeding

Severe gum disease needs immediate attention, especially if your gums are constantly bleeding. It can make eating uncomfortable and even painful. What’s worse, your teeth may come loose as the gum disease worsens. The best treatment for gum disease is through deep cleaning, which can only be performed by a dental professional.

6. Infection or Abscess

When tooth decay reaches deep into the gums, the infection worsens, and an abscess may develop. A pus-filled pocket characterizes this, and it can be excruciating. The abscess must be drained as soon as possible, and the infection must be cleaned out to prevent it from spreading further.

How to Deal with a Dental Emergency

When dealing with a dental emergency, do not panic. Panicking may worsen the situation and even cause further accidents to happen. Call your dentist as soon as possible and make sure the patient is comfortable during the wait.

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